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Bérabish Desert School Project

4690__7A_smInitiative and project of the tribal chief, Shindouk, this school, is the first building in the Azaouad desert in the middle of nowhere. The building is comprised of three classrooms and serves as a school and a meeting room for community groups. It is also a place for accommodation of friends of the tribe and a meeting place for women of the community.

Exposed to wind, dust, rain and the sun, this nomadic community lives in tents and values honor, dignity and hospitality.

4693__11_smThe community now seeks to build a yard for the school to protect it from animals. It is also seeking financial backing to expand the water point. This place has indeed become a meeting point and an important source of life.

Its use is important which makes it necessary to reinforce the edges of the well to prevent it from deteriorating too quickly and from filling up with sand. As the local saying goes, poverty is not synonymous of misery.

We cannot finish this word without thanking everyone who helped make this well and this school.

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