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book_miranda_1 This book in A5 format is comprised of about one hundred pages. It exists presently in Peul (poulard), French, Arabic and English.

This book of illustrated tales addresses a number of issues related to public health.

Content and method

Its purpose is to enable people to become familiar with basic health concepts in a simple and easily understandable fashion. Stories address issues such as diarrhea in children, problems of sanitation and drinking water. It also discusses the importance of prenatal visits for pregnant women, childbirth in the presence of a nurse, the importance of breastfeeding, infant nutrition, immunization, malaria and HIV / AIDS.

This method was designed and developed by Miranda Dodd during her stay in Mauritania as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Originally written in Fulfulde, Miranda meanwhile translated the manual into other languages. She chose the information based on themes discussed in women cooperatives (not only the most common problems of everyday life, but also those of concern to communities and local population).

It is therefore a methodology developed in close cooperation with the population. The stories are the result of a synthesis of themes in the context of conversations with women in villages. All stories are written in simple language, reflecting the work done by partially illiterate women the creator of the book worked with in literacy classes.

They found that there are not many simple books, and that the language of literature available was typically too complex.

The available literature is too costly and therefore inaccessible for Miranda is to distribute this book at a symbolic price or even free.

Literacy tool

The village women are often illiterate, so this also is a tool of literacy for a number of them, in addition to its primary tool of health awareness.

Miranda concludes: "When you saw women who are dynamic and who want to learn, it makes you want to make a project like this."

View the book

You can read the book online in French and Fulani. There are in English and Arabic.


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