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4693__24_smOuladnagim and Shindouk

Welcome to the website Shindouk and his community Ouladnagim of Timbuktu in Mali. It aims to provide information about the Tuareg, their hospitality and culture.

To learn more about the various ongoing projects of the community Ouladnagim, please read the section about the Desert School and visit our health awareness project section.

You can also read the latest news from camp!

If you wish to know more about the Tuareg life and culture, we invite you to visit the References section.

Sahara Passion

You are visiting the region of Timbuktu? Sindouk and his community will gladly welcome you! For more information read the page on Sahara Passion.


shindouk canada

Shindouk is the representative of the Timbuktu region of ICVolunteers, a non-profit organization currently developing a project related to information for farmers in Mali and Senegal. For more information, visit the E-TIC and AgriGuide websites.

Documentary and book "The West as seen by a Tuareg"

This book is the travelogue of Shindouk, community leader of Oulad Nagim who came to Geneva, Switzerland. See the book on ISSUU.

In 2003 a documentary was made on the Internet in Senegal and Mali, in order to discover the realities. This documentary is now available on YouTube: "Something out of Nothing".

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